The county of Sweet Grass (two words) is located in south central Montana. Don’t confuse the town of Sweetgrass with the county of Sweet Grass. The town of Sweetgrass (one word) is located on the Canadian border in Toole County in north central Montana. Sweet Grass County became a county in 1895. It was formed out of parts of Park, Meager, and Yellowstone Counties. From 1910-1920 parts of Sweet Grass County were taken to form Stillwater, Wheatland and Golden Valley Counties. It has been its present size since 1920.



Big Timber and the Sweet Grass County area enjoy the diversity of each season with a variety of weather phenomenon. The average annual precipitation is approximately 15 inches and comes in any form, from winter (and summer) snowstorms to spring cloudbursts, and summer and fall rain showers.

The April through September precipitation amounts average 10.5 inches and the maximum temperature average is 75.26. Average minimum temperature for April through September is 44.15 degrees.

July and August are our warmest months with temperatures averaging in the high 80s and 90s. The yearly average maximum temperature is 60.6 degrees and the average minimum temperature is 33.6. The coldest recorded temperature was -47 in February 1936, and the hottest recorded temperature was 107 in July 2002. Big Timber boasts 286 days of sunshine each year.

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