Sweet Grass County Law and Justice Center
Sheriff’s Office
200 West First Avenue
P.O. Box 0567
Big Timber, Montana 59011

Phone: (406) 932-5143

Phone: (406) 932-5143

Sheriff: Alan Ronneberg aronneberg@sgcountymt.gov

Sweet Grass County Search & Rescue

Meetings are scheduled for the third Sunday of each month, 1300 hours at the Sweet Grass County Law and Justice Center

If you are interested in applying to become a member of the Search and Rescue contact Lieutenant Alan Ronnneberg through the Sweet Grass County Sheriff’s Office.

Search and Rescue Members
Lieutenant Alan Ronneberg
Member – Rusty Terland
Member – Cory Tronrud Member – Scott Bosch
Member – Dave Tronrud Member – Zach Rennie
Member – Kevin Langhus Member – Saul Heinemann
Member – Josh Fjare Member – Aaron Woodham
Member – Mark George Member – Bill Mack
Member – JJ Hardy Member – Letha Braga

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