Copy of Records Questions

How can I obtain copies of records – marriage license, divorce decree, name change order, etc., and what is the cost? Can I have copies of documents certified by the Court?
You may appear at our office personally at 200 West First, 2nd floor of the Sweet Grass County Courthouse or you can mail your written request to: Clerk of Court, PO Box 698, Big Timber, MT.

You must include a self-addressed stamped, return envelope, and a check or money order made payable to the Clerk of Court. Statutory fees vary depending upon the requested document; most photocopies are $1.00 per page for the first 10 pages and $.50 cents per page thereafter. A copy of a divorce decree is $10 (regardless of length), a copy of a marriage license is $5, and an additional $2 is required for certification of any document. 

You may send a blank (signed) check with a notation to not exceed a certain amount in the memo portion if you are unsure of the exact charges.  Your copy and a receipt for the exact charge will be returned. Note: Confidential records require court ordered approval to open and provide copies.   Please call to discuss procedure relative to requests for confidential documents (such as adoption matters).

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