Child Support Questions:

How can I find out about my child support payment history or inquire as to the most recent payment?

A child support payment history may be obtained by sending an inquiry to the Clerk of Court or by calling 406-932-5154.  Payments are processed the day they are received. If you have recently changed your residence or mailing address, be sure to advise the court in writing so your future checks will be mailed accordingly. If you failed to notify us of your new address and you are concerned that a check may have been mailed to an old address, please contact us by phone 406-932-5154 or e-mail the Clerk of Court immediately. 

My child support is not being paid. What can I do?

Answer: The following two options should be considered:
Contact the Child Support Enforcement Division for the State of Montana (CSED) at 1-800-346-5437 to open a case. CSED will collect child support for you by means of a wage assignment, automatically deducting funds from each paycheck.

Seek advice from an attorney licensed to practice law in Montana.

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