Courthouse (office upstairs)
200 West 1st Avenue
Big Timber, MT 59011

Office Hours: Mon - Fri
8AM-12PM / 1PM - 5PM

Phone: 406-932-5154

Mailing: PO Box 698

Entire Office Email:

Phone: 406-932-5154

Mailing: PO Box 698

Entire Office Email:

Clerk of Court: Barb Swanson

Deputy Clerk of Court: Catherine McKenzie

Deputy Clerk of Court: Marilyn Wilson

E-file for attorneys only: Help


Visit the official Passport Services site:  click here ;  Warning:  there are scam sites on the internet so beware! The official site will not ask you to pay online! Look for the fillable forms on the official site!

Passport Photos – available now at the Big Timber Post Office, 415 Walnut Street, Big Timber, MT, Mon.-Fri. 10am to 4 pm -For more information call 406-932-5484.

EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 27, 2021 – NEW PASSPORT BOOK FEE – $20 Increase for Passport Book  – TOTAL NEW FEE FOR PASSPORT BOOK:  Minor:  $100/ Adult: $130 – []

PPT Fee Chart JAN 2022_English AF

Passport Requirements

APPLICATIONS are processed from 8:00 am TO 3:00 pm DAILY. 

Sorry for any inconvenience, if you are required to travel due to an emergency please visit  Life-or-death emergency appointments & urgent travel (non-emergency) see the link below: [] 

The passport application, renewal application, and more detailed information on fees and required documentation are available at  : U.S. Passport Fees: [] ;

Passports for persons 15 years of age and younger are valid for five years and those for persons 16 years of age and older are valid for ten years. The application fees must be in the form of a check or money order. The $35 mandatory handling fee may be paid by cash, check or money order.  Acceptable documents RE:  Children Under 16 – [] ;

All persons age 16 and older must sign their own application. All passport applications for minors under age 16 require the consent of both parents. If both parents are not able to appear at the Clerk of Court, the absent parent must submit a notarized statement of permission. this form is available at this office and at the US Government passport site. Persons age 16 and 17 must have one parent’s or legal guardian’s signature in addition to their own.

You must submit a certified copy of your birth certificate, 1 passport photo, and have a picture ID such as a valid driver’s license.

Visas need to be obtained through any travel agent once you have obtained your passport.

If you have applied for a 10 year passport previously and it expired within the last 5 years and you are able to submit your old passport, you can apply for a renewal through the mail bypassing this office and saving the $35 handling fee. The renewal form is available at

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