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PO Box 888
Big Timber, MT 59011

Phone: (406) 932-5140

Fax: (406) 932-3026

Phone: (406) 932-5140

Fax: (406) 932-3026

Public Works Director: Cory Conner sgroads@itstriangle.com

Encroachment Permit & Fees

Encroachment Permit Application   7.7 MB PDF

In order to promote public safety and protect life and property, it is necessary for every person, party, operation, business or utility desiring to perform construction work of any nature in any county road, street, alley or thoroughfare to obtain a encroachment  permit prior to starting work and post bond as may be required insuring proper completion of the project.

Procedure for obtaining a encroachment permit is as follows;

1. Download copy of Encroachment Permit from www.sweetgrasscountygov.com website.

2. Fill out front page of Encroachment Permit. Add a Map or drawing of Project with dimensions.  Include a weed control plan (this can be owner will spray and control any noxious weeds on county right of way).

3  E-mail a signed copy of the Encroachment Permit to sgroads@itstriangle.com or mail filled out form to Sweet Grass County Road Department, PO Box 888, Big Timber, MT. 59011

4. A public meeting will be posted on the commissioners agenda for review and vote.

5. The Clerk and recorder will send a copy of the approved or denied permit to address listed on Encroachment Permit.

* This can take up to Two (2) weeks to approve or deny so early submittal  is crucial*


Federal law requires all parties to contact “ONE CALL” before digging. 1-800-424-5555 or http://www.montana811.org

Encroachment Permit Fee $75.00

Clerk & Recorder Filing Fee $7.00 per page

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